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Propositions of walking, hiking routes

Route no 1: “Gizycko”
Grunwaldzki Square (Evangelical Church) – turn to Wyzwolenia Street – Port of the Masurian Shipping Company (by the Niegocin Lake) – pier – back towards the park and Luczanski Canal head to Nadbrzezna Street - former youth hostel of PTTK (beginning of the 19th century) Tavern „Siwa Czapla” nowadays – Dalba Port behind the building – move north along the Luczanski Canal towards the swing bridge (on the left side there is a wing of Post Teutonic Castle from the 14th century) – turn right to Olsztynska Street – go straight, up to the main crossroads and turn left to the 1st of May Avenue (Hotel Wodnik on the left, Post Office and Pilsudski Square, Town Hall on the right) – turn right to Kosciuszki Street – church of St. Bruno (the oldest Catholic church in Gizycko), turn right to Pionierska Street (the 19th and 20th century monumental buildings) – turn left to Ketrzynskiego Street – turn left to Warszawska Street and stop near the building of the former bakery of Regielski (Jazz Club Galeria nowadays); end of the route.
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Route no 2: “Town forest” – Gizycko"
Grunwaldzki Square – head to the 1st of May Avenue, then Lime Avenue towards the Town forest – a nature path of “Town forest” (consist 2 routes: shorter (about 2 km length) for the children and longer (about 3 km length) for the youth and adults.

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Route no 3: “Along the Lake Niegocin”
Grunwaldzki Square – go straight on Olsztynska Street up to the swing bridge over Luczanski Canal, go through a bridge – walk along the Moniuszki Street, near the 14th century castle turn left to St. Bruno Street, pass by the park, get to the railway, head the road towards St. Bruno's Hill (with a cross on a top) – see the picturesque view and finally get to the railway bridge on the Niegocinski Canal – pass a garner from the beginning of the 20th century on the right and get to the road Gizycko-Olsztyn. Back the same way or by bus (a bus stop is just behind a railway).

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Route no 4: „Boyen Fortress” - Gizycko
Grunwaldzki Square – go straight on Olsztynska Street, get to the swing bridge over Luczanski Canal and go through it – go along Moniuszki Street, pass by the Post Teutonic Castle from the 14th century – on the left side there's a park with the nature's monuments, among them there is the one dedicated to the soldiers of AK – pass by a military area and next up the Turystyczna Street – coming into the area of the Boyen Fortress (a guides' bureau is located near the Gizycko Gate) – back from the Fortress the same way.
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Route no 5: „Along the Luczanski Canal” - Gizycko
Nadbrzezna Street, where the Canal marks with Lake Niegocin – walk on the pavement along the Canal and head north, pass by the 14th century Post Teutonic Castle on the left side and the swing bridge over Canal – keep straight along the Canal, pass by the dock of the Masurian Shipping Company renovating shipyard – pass by the gardens' area – go under the road-bridge, the Canal turns left, after walking under the second bridge go up and turn left – go straight to Wojska Polskiego Avenue and get to the roundabout – go through, get to the Moniuszki Street and then turn left – go towards downtown.

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„Discover the secret of Kruklanki” – educational nature path
The path we would like to recommend you is about 7 km long. It leads trough the diversified countryside and around the village of Kruklanki. The landscape was originally shaped thousands of years ago by the ice cap and was subsequently modified by man. You will be walking through the village itself, along the fringers of farmland, through a forest, along a lake and pond, following dirt roads and an abandoned railway embankment. Nature lovers will appreciate the diversity of plant communities and abundance of animal life. Those fond of history will find along the way many interesting pieces of architecture whose originality and often present pitiful condition make one reflect on the vivid but sometimes tragic history of Masuria.

We have prepared for you two routes: the shorter one, intended for the less persevering, is over 3 km long, and the longer one, for more seasoned hikers, is 3km longer. We hope the path will be a source of great memories and a satisfactory experience both in terms of expanding your knowledge and pleasing the eye. We would also like to ask you to take due care while on the trail as some places may be dangerous if one chooses not to respect the warning signs on the way. This concerns in particular the fortifications and the destroyed bridge. We also kindly ask you not to damage the path’s infrastructure and to respect the plant and animal life along the way.
Before hitting the road, it will be wise to put on comfortable hiking boots and take a pair of binoculars, a camera and a mosquito repellent.
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The attractions of the path are marked with the following information boards:

1. Beginning of the path – general information on the path, including a map

2. Animals of Kruklanki Municipality – mammals and birds

3. The forest and its functions – vertical structure of the forest and a general description of the forest ecosystem

4. Lake Brozowka – example of an aquatic ecosystem

5. Types of forest habitats, including those typical of Kruklanki

6. Beavers lodges

7. Remains of WWII fortifications – an infantry shelter of the Gizycko Field Fortifications System

8. Water ecosystem – example of aquatic ecosystem

9. Viewpoint – description of Kruklanki Municipality, its landscape and the way in which it is related to the municipality’s location

10. Remains of WWII fortifications –artillery station

11. Viewpoint – description of the birds of prey of Kruklanki

12. Viewpoint by the fallen railway bridge on the Sapina river

13. Final station – information on the Borki Forest District
Every station is also designed as a resting place where one can take a seat and enjoy the nature. 

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"Wilkasy" educational nature path
Just like an ordinary tourist trail, the "Wilk-asy" educational nature path in Wilkasy is a marked-out, general-access theme route. It has 16 stops, with the following information board:
1. Beginning of the path: path map, the history of Wilkasy, information on the Gizycko Forest District
2. Good behaviour
3. The mushrooms of our forests
4. Fallen tree
5. Stand reconstruction
6. Forest layers
7. Protecting useful fauna
8. Protected plants
9. Protecting the forest against insect pests
10. Threats to our forests
11. Feeding forest animal
12. Forest dwellers
13. Plants of the undergrowth
14. Forest - Man's treasure
15. Forest birds
16. End of trail, path map
Two sites on the trail, marked on the map with the symbol of a bonfire, have been equipped with wooden umbrella roofs, tables and seats. Visitors may stop here for a bit of rest, make a fire in a specially prepared place, roast a sausage and take time to reflect or to sing a song. The path length is about 2,5 km, so it is neither difficult nor too long. For the most part, the trail follows narrow forest roads or the forest edge, where good nature viewing opportunities are plenty. The path also leads by an old anti-tank ditch, reminding passers-by of the events of WWII.

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