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Active tourism

Among all the options of the active rest in the Gizycko County, the opportunities for cycling should be particularly recommended. The region offers a great number of cycle paths, from which the most interesting are the tracks around the Mamry and Niegocin Lakes, the one through The Borecka Forest and the trail of the Old- Prussian towns. There are more than 600 km of cycling tracks in total. Thanks to them, you can admire not only the beautiful views, but also the local attractions. The silence that surrounds you, makes it easy to forget about everyday problems for a while. It is worth taking a camera or a video camera to capture the natural beauty of the region - the marvelous world of plants and animals that live there.

The Masurian lakes are not only the challenge and the target spot for hordes of sailors. The environment offers a lot of different extreme experiences. The speed aficionados who also enjoy the wind blowing in their hair may use the speed-boats and the water scooters. Those willing to enjoy even stronger sensations, may try water skiing. People who are already fed up with windsurfing, may fly over the waves and experience something completely new by changing the sail to the parachute, especially since there is no need to take the parachute off - you can always attach it into the motor boat and try the 5 minute flight over the lakes. Stunned by the bird’s eye view, you could try diving afterwards, as some birds do. Masurian lakes are perfect for those who would like to experience the underwater adventure. The great variety of lakes ensures vast opportunities not only for training. More demanding tourists are free to explore the mysterious depths of the Masurian lakes. If you are brave enough, you may submerge into the unique world of frozen lakes. Less demanding tourists may try to take a ride in a car tire, on a mattress or a banana hauled by a motor boat. However, the speed, the altitude and the engine roar do not have to be the only source of adrenaline. The canoe tracks that lead from Gizycko to Ryn or Marcinowa Wola, or wild Sapina River are still a great challenge for every fan of canoeing. It may be a good test of skills and an opportunity to associate with nature at the same time. Very interesting evening stories told by the fireplace and with a glass of beer will confirm, that even a quiet trip with a fishing rod may be extremely exciting. In winter, even a walk on a frozen lake may be a great source of memories, not to mention the dog-drawn carriages rides, scooters or cars. Those who love ice skating and taking it to the limit, may try to participate in the skating marathon. In the winter, the lakes are also a paradise for ice fishermen, and the surrounding view is a source of unforgettable aesthetic impressions.

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