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Winter in Masuria

The Great Masurian Lakes are attractive not only in summer. In winter it’s one of the coldest regions in Poland. The lakes are very often frozen from  December to the end of April. This provides excellent conditions for ice-sailing which has a long tradition in Masuria. Many world-famous ice-sailors started here their career. The lakes surrounding Gizycko are place, where ice-boat championship are organized almost every weekend. It’s here where Poland’s Ice-boat Championships take place every year since 1951. Local travel agencies offer a variety of courses for those interested in ice-boating. 

Moreover, the frozen lakes are a real paradise for all those, who are fond of fishing under ice. Also picturesque winter landscapes deserve to be highly recommended. This is a great opportunity to cross-country skiing and enjoying the close contact to the heart of the Mother Nature. An unforgettable experience would be also to take a part in sleigh ride that usually finish with picnics. We also propose amateurs of underwater adventures diving under ice, providing unusual impressions. In winter the water is incredibly clear, the visibility is coming up even to 20 metres.

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