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Canoeing Trails

The Sapina River Route

The total length of the Sapina River Route is 32.5 km. We begin our trip from the first camp-site located about 500 m from the Kruklin forester’s lodge, to complete it on the shore of Lake Swiecajty, in the village of Ogonki, at the Stara Kuznia Hotel-Restaurant. This choice is dictated by the ease with which the starting and finishing points may be located on the map an on the ground and accessed by car and with which canoes may be launched and landed. Sapina is one of the most picturesque Mazurian rivers, although it is still waiting to be discovered as a popular attraction. The route is easy and suitable for all types of canoe. Motorboats and outboard engines are banned along the whole  route, from Lake Kruklin, through lakes Patelnia, Goldopiwo, Wilkus, Pozezdrze to Lake Stregiel. Moreover, with the exception of July and August, the route is rarely visited by tourists,  which makes it even more attractive. As the route is relatively short and easy, we suggest that you plan a two-day trip with one night spent camping or in one of the chalets on the shores of Lake Goldapiwo. However, if you want to take a one-day trip, we suggest that you begin it at the sluice in Przerwanki.

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Route: Gizycko – Lake Dejguny – Gizycko

This is a short, easy and interesting route, spanning two canals and five lakes. We begin our trip in Gizycko, canoeing up the Luczanski Canal towards Lake Kisajno. Having covered 2 km, we reach a cove on Lake Kisajno, called Tracz. To the left is the COS Sports Centre. We follow the left shore and, having passed about 200 m, we reach the Almatur Sailing Centre. To the right, there is a large island called “Duzy Ostrow”, and to the left we can see a small canal connecting Lake Kisajno with Lake Popówka Wielka. We pass the entrance to this canal and continue towards the southern end of Lake Kisajno, to the outlet of the Piekna Góra canal which connects Lake Kisajno with Lake Tajty. Once we reach the latter, we head west (to the right). Having covered about 6.5 km, we approach a narrowing of the lake and pass a large cluster of summer houses, known as Wilkasy Zalesie (on the left), and the village of Wrony (on the right). Past the narrowing, we turn slightly to the left (south-west) and after 9 km we get to a railway bridge and then to the mouth of a stream which leads up to Lake Dejguny. The stream is very narrow, shallow and winding, with woodless banks. During droughts, the canoes have to be towed in some places.
Having reached Lake Dejgunek, we canoe northwards to a railway bridge and finally get to Lake Dejguny. The lake is 7.3 km long, 0.5 km wide and 33 m deep. As we move to the north-west, we pass small reed islands. On the eastern shore lies the village of Bogacko. A little further north, on the left-hand shore, lies the village of Grzybowo. About 1 km north of Grzybowo, on the western shore, there is a sharply protruding spit, on which there is a camp-site. On the opposite shore of the lake, there is camp-site with a bathing beach.Towards the end of the lake, on the western shore, lies the village of Kronowo. On the way back, we follow the same route in the opposite direction; however, when leaving Lake Tajty, we should turn south (to the right) into the Wilkaski Canal to reach Gizycko from Lake Niegocin. 

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Route: Gizycko – Lake Wojnowo – Lake Buwelno- Lake Ublik Maly

This is an easy, 14 km long route. The first stage is 7.5 km long and runs along the shores of Lake Niegocin. We canoe along the eastern (left) shore of the lake, pass the so-called “Island of Love” and get to a narrow strait connecting Lake Niegocin with Lake Wojnowo. The next stage runs through a ribbon of narrow lakes. Having covered 5 km, we get to a small canal connecting Lake Wojnowo with Lake Buwelno. We then have to travel another 5.5 km until, on the left shore of the lake, we find among the reeds the mouth of a stream which connects Lake Buwelno with Lake Ublik. We canoe upstream, along wooded banks and under bridge and then, after about
600 m, we get to the lake. Turning slightly to the left, we head towards a holiday centre located on the opposite shore and look for the entrance to a water tunnel. We canoe through the 50 m long tunnel and finally reach the clear waters of Lake Ublik Maly. We paddle to the opposite end of the lake, to camp-sites, where our journey ends.

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