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The Great Mazurian Lakes Region is an area of exceptional landscape qualities and one of Poland’s most attractive tourist destinations. It is here that nature displays the whole splendour of it’s wealth and the clean air and lakes tempt visitors to return whenever they can. Gizycko District lies in the heart of this land, with over 110 lakes scattered within its boundaries, including some of Poland’s best known water bodies, such as the Mamry Lake Complex and Lake Niegocin. In the summer, they are a haven for fans of sailing and windsurfing. The district’s capital is the town of Gizycko, from which ships of the Mazurian Navigation Company sail to Wegorzewo, Mikolajki and Ruciane-Nida.

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In winter, the lakes are the scene of ice-sailing events and a paradise for those who fancy ice fishing, while the landscape offers unforgettable sights. Winter is also the time for enjoying the crystal-clear, crisp air during cross-country skiing escapades and sleigh rides with bonfires.

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