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Masuria is not only the land of "thousands of lakes", but it is a region of mixed woods, swamps and peat bogs. The huge areas of forests, wide surfaces of clear water, magnificent landscapes of post-glacial hills and favorable climatic conditions support attractiveness and beauty of the land.
Nature here, because of little industry and few inhabitants, has preserved its natural wealth and even areas of natural wildness.
Forests here are rich in blackberries, raspberries, wild strawberries and mushrooms. A varied landscape allows for attractive walks along exciting tourist paths. A specially prepared plan, known as "Green Lungs of Poland", foresees transformation of the region into ecologically unpolluted area. Many forest areas, national parks and nature reserves are open to tourists for healthy walks and picking some forest plant life.
Some of the areas in Gizycko District were included in the European Ecological Natura 2000 Network. There are Ostoja Borecka (SCI), Dobskie Lake(SPA), Borecka Forest(SPA), Nietlickie Swamp(SPA).

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National parks of Gizycko administrative district:
• Reserve Borki, created in 1958, area 232,00 hectare. There are many grebes, black storks, black kites, eagles and snipes, it is possible to meet aurochs, lynx, elk, stag, wolf, fox and wild boar.
•  Reserve Masury, created in 1981, area 373 hectare, part of Reserve Boreckiej.
•  Reserve Linden Canyon, created in 1981, area 48,50 hectare, part of Reserve Boreckiej.
•  Reserve Linden Island, created in 1975, standard linden forest overgrows island with admixture of oak.
•  Reserve Spytkowo-Torfowisko, created in 1958, 2,10 hectare, fragment of peat bog with laponska willow.
•  Reserve of lake Furs, created in 1953, area 28,16 hectare. Ornithological. One of the largest colonies of sea gull in Poland.
•  Reserve Perkuny, created 1954, area 3,50 hectare.
•  Reserve on islands of lakes Mamry and Kisajno, created 1957, area 215,35 hectare. Ornithological. 18 islands. Many species of water birds, muddy and predatory.
•  Reserve of lake Dobskie, created in 1976, area 1833,22 hectare. Well kept post-glacial scenery with stones on bank. Colony of cormorant, gray heron, crane and silver sea gull.
•  Reserve of Swamp Nietlickie, area 513 hectare. Mainstay of muddy and water birds: cranes, black grouse and vacuole.
•  Reserve Staswinskie of Meadow, area 647,50 hectares. It is a place where you can see some unique plants e.g the grey and purple willow. Landscape here is especially beautiful.

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